THe GAP.. .

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Douglas Montgomery said...

What fantastic insight and advice. I've never heard it put so succinctly, but wiht such kind understanding before.

My tutors would have hated the part about 'taste' though, but I would disagree vehemently. I tried to explain that although the word has negative connotations I believed the notion that all humans possess a basic aesthetic visual response mechanism is a sound concept. They would nod and agree one minute then the next week would revert to the old modernist belief that 'taste' is conditioning through trivial phenomena like fashion and status aspiration. I tried to argue 'taste' was innate but that this didn't mean unique to 'special individuals'. I think everyone needs their basic aesthetic response awakening at some level and that its only an expression of preference for,and recognition of, something to be found in nature anyway - geometry, curves, colour etc. Many people have grown up with more pressing concerns than developing taste, such as - where I grew up on a council estate - how not to go hungry, or avoiding violence.