PEelinG Of BAnAna . . . .

Here is the thought.....

If I had to do some repeating job in a factory I would like very much finding a factory where they ask me to peal of banana....I love peeling of Banana, don't know why.
Obviously I don't want to work in a factory as it's Hell on Earth but if I HAD TO, and could choose which Repeating Movement I had to do for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, the movement of Peeling of Banana would probably be the best one for me...especially that I HATE the taste of Banana, I never eat banana so that will be a good opportunity to do something I like without feeling guilty about it.
Because that's the thing: I can't peel of banana if I don't eat them afterwards, and if I do I feel guilty = no good.
But the problem is: "for how long i will still enjoy peeling them of" if it's a task I will repeat for hours, days and maybe years?.
Well... The idealistic answer will be "years" but the real one would probably be "minutes": Really
59 minutes of peeling of banana may be already long enough for me to get bored of it.
That's the thing, don't be too greedy when you like something, don't abuse of it otherwise you get bored of it so quickly and then you can't stand it anymore which is a shame really as at the firsrt place that was something you really liked to do.
(I'm giving a talk to myself right now)
But yeah...I've got a bad habit to do everything in the excess...
Like for example:
If I like a song very much I could (and will most of the time) play it in repeat (Literally press the button REPEAT on my stereo (which make me realised inthis exact moment in time that I must not be the only one who's got this bad habit as the stereo manufacturer have created a special button for it!!) WHAO!! NICE ONE
Repeating it over and over again and usually after few days, weeks or month I will reach the ultimatum saturation of it.
I was impressed when one of my friend was djing and i asked him to play the song one more time (he already did play it twice during the party) and he say NO (make sense really!) because he loves it so much that he doesn't want to spoilt it.
I was gutted but impressed. I learnt the lesson then...well not quite exactly but it did make sense to me and since this day I am slowly but surely getting into a new behaviour which consist of listening from time to time your favourite song so it can stay your favourite song for longer.

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